We make fabrics from natural and sustainable materials, in the tradition of the Savonnerie weaving

Linen, picked and wefted, serves as a structure,and French merino wool gives a dense velvet with incomparable softness


Noble and precious material, wool has sound and thermal insulation properties for your interiors.

Sustainable, fully renewable and recyclable, it is an eco-responsible resource that spans the centuries.


Natural vegetable fibre, linen is resistant and naturally rot-proof.

Its cultivation, mainly European and French, requires little water and no insecticide. This fiber is therefore an ally of choice for a sustainable and responsible production.

To get beautiful materials adapted to our practice, it is essential to establish relationships of trust with craftsmen who act upstream

The Terrade spinning mill

Located in Felletin, in France, the Terrade spinning factory makes a fine French merino wool yarn

Teinture Aubusson Lab.

Nadia Petković, color maker in Aubusson, dyes our wool yarns thanks to her exceptional skill and eye

You can benefit from this chain of know-how and sublimate your interior with virtuous craft