Portrait photo de Charlotte Font & Charlotte Romani, lissières en Savonnerie et co-fondatrices de l'Atelier FONT&ROMANI, devant les pièces de leur première collection Métamorphose IV et Métamorphose V

This adventure has begun with our encounter, Charlotte Font and Charlotte Romani, during our study within the Gobelins and Savonnerie manufactories. We are both weavers and graduates of the Mobilier National.

After four years of apprenticeship, we worked in the Savonnerie workshop in Paris before leaving the institution and founding our own atelier in Septembre 2022. The FONT&ROMANI Atelier is established in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.


They are our respective family names, associated just as we are, working hand in hand from the first sketch to the final fabric. The term collaboration takes a special meaning in our technique since the gesture of each has to harmonize with the other to obtain a homogeneous result.